spk 128: Deep thoughts w/ sillyfru

Lots of stuff off the needles, stash enhancement, and deep thoughts about joy!


One thought on “spk 128: Deep thoughts w/ sillyfru

  1. Hey you, Happy Valentines Day! (or as I like to say Happy VD ;-))

    Good for you. My DH made a comment regarding your falling off the “No shit; no new yarn” wagon, that I am still on thank you very much, so I told him it’s her/my game so my rules. You are right; life is way to short to drown in unnecessary details. Just found out a good friend of mine who was in remission five years is now riddled with cancer and will be celebrating Christmas in heaven. He is a super positive person and I know his witness and encouragement to others will go with him to the very last minute.

    I loved the comment about Camp KIP. DH said, didn’t you go there (Loopy Ewe)? I told him I sat in front of you in the car. He is still praying for you… me too.

    Stay strong. Its good to hear your hair is coming back.

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